Reduce the use of plastics with Verdonce

Girls, shopping bread, legumes, fruit or veggies couldn’t be more sustainable with Verdonce bags, helping us to not using plastic bags and shopping in a zero waste way. 


As we already know, avoid using single use plastic bags is essential to help the environment and reduce the climate change. If we use reusable bags as Verdonce, we will be helping the planet!

Verdonce bags are made with natural materials, such as cotton, linen or jute, a very ecological and sustainable material because of its low use of water, fertilizers or pesticides. And additionally, it keeps the food fresher thanks to its breathability properties.


Moreover, they are locally hand crafted in Spain, and by keeping their production local they are able to guarantee dignified working conditions. Natural, ecological, ethically and locally made. Cool, isn’t it?


You can use the bags as much as you want because they are super resistant, and once you can’t use them anymore, they are totally compostable and biodegradable. We love it!


Behind Verdonce there is the entrepreneur Mónica Garía with her husband. The idea comes from the interest and curiosity of Mónica for sustainability, conscious and slow consumption, the zero waste movement, etc. After not finding reusable bags with natural fibres, she decided to investigate and create her own jute bags.


After a short time, everyone in the shops started asking her about the bags, so she decided to start and create Verdonce bags.


Did you know that the name Verdonce comes from the fusion of, Green, the Monica’s family surname (Verde in Spanish), and once (eleven in Spanish), the door number where the family lives? Verd-Once.

Verdonce sustainable packaging

You can buy the bags online in their beautiful website. 

Moreover, all the orders are plastic free! 

They use recycled cardboard boxes and envelopes and craft paper adhesive tapes. Oh, and to reduce even more their impact, whenever they can, the Verdonce orders are taken to the post office by bike!



Would you like to join a plastic free and sustainable shopping with Verdonce?

Images and thanks: Mónica García, Verdonce
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