How to start dressing sustainable

6 easy tips to start dressing sustainable

Would you like to start dressing more sustainable? We would like to help you! Here you have 6 easy tips to make easier your way to slooow fashion and a more eco-friendly life. Let’s go?

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But wait a minute… Why is that so important?


Fashion is a world full of beauty, style, trends, etc. And it is! But behind, it is also one of the causes of the environmental problems that we suffer and Climate Change. 

Impacts of fashion on the environment


Fashion is the second most polluting industry on the planet, and it produces 10% of global CO₂ emissions, the main cause of global warming. 


Moreover, we are buying faster and cheaper than ever, especially because of Fast Fashion (cheap and low-quality clothes). Because of this, we are consuming Earth’s natural resources faster than it can produce them. In addition, the cheap prices of the clothing, create precarious jobs, especially in underdeveloped countries.


To produce clothes, we need a lot of energy and water. Due to the chemicals used, a lot of water is contaminated. The use of pesticides and chemicals in farmlands, as cotton fields, destroys eco systems. It is also a risk to the workers’s health, and to our health, because we will wear the products after all. 


The fashion industry produces a lot of waste. Either because of production or when we throw the garments into the container, polluting the land and water (especially because of polyester and synthetic clothes). In Spain, every inhabitant buys at least 2 clothes a month, and 89% of them, end up being disposed (not being recycled). Imagine the amount of waste that we generate!

Being aware of the problem, helps us doing something about it. The mainly thing is to change our consumption habits: Buy less, choose well and make it last. 

So, here you have the 6 easy tips to start dressing in a more sustainable way:

6 tips to dress more sustainable

1. Value what you already have in the closet: Stop for a while to look at your wardrobe. You will most likely have clothes that you like, and some hidden clothes that, by combining them you can create new looks. Take care of them and repair the ones that can be repaired. We recommend you to have a well-organized closet and to create a capsule wardrobe. 

2. Exchange clothes: with your friends, sisters, with your mother, etc. Organize a small clothes exchange market… You will be giving a new life to clothes and it’s also really fun. 

3. Buy what you really need and what you like 100%: Making a list of what we need is going to help us to see clearly what we really need. Do no buy impulsively or because it’s the must have trend of the moment. Buy it because you love it and it fits into your style. 

4. Go to second hand markets and shops: Remember, there is nothing more sustainable than what it already exists. It can be a very good experience, and you can find super original clothes (and on the budget!).

5. Choose high quality and locally produced clothes: Buy high quality clothes, take a look at the label and see where it comes from, look at the fabric, etc. You can try to visit small shops in your town. Probably you can find clothes locally and ethically made. 

Clothes transportation generates a lot of emissions. If we buy locally, we will be helping the environment. Oh, and you will be favouring the local economy. Have you heard about Glocally? Think globally act locally. 

6. Buy sustainable fashion clothes: Give support to sustainable fashion brands that respect the environment and the people who make the clothes. It can seem difficult, very expensive and that the clothes are not cool enough… but there are beautiful brands and clothes that you will love (and affordable!). Take a look at Sustainable Fashion and discover slow fashion.

Would you like to start? We will be here to help and inspire you along the way to sustainable fashion. Let the Hydest girl inside you and shine!

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