Reduce the use of plastics with Verdonce
Girls, shopping bread, legumes, fruit or veggies couldn’t be more sustainable with Verdonce bags, helping us to not using plastic bags and shopping in a zero waste way.    As we already know, avoid using single use plastic bags is essential to help the environment and reduce...


5 easy sustainable tips

Help the planet in your day-to-day
Girls, as we all know we need to help the planet with the big environmental problems: pollution, the amount of waste, plastics, carbon emissions, pollution of the seas and oceans, deforestation, the decline of biodiversity, global warming, climate change…   At first sight it might seem too...


How to buy fruits and veggies in a more sustainable way
When we go shopping to the greengrocers, we always end up using a lot of plastic bags that usually we throw in the bin when we get home. One easy and practical way to stop using single use plastic bags and help the environment is to...