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Are you a sporty girl? So there’s an Australian brand, First Base, that you must know. Inspired in the world of surf and activewear, First Base not only creates clothes for your perfect workout outfit, it does good for the environment too!


Kick Off Oversized Tee - Image from First Base

The clothes are designed in Bondi Beach (Australia) and ethically produced in China, accrediting the good conditions and the welfare of the workers and their working environment.

First Base’s crew is always working to reduce the environmental impact of their garments, always taking into account all the supply chain, from their office, the fabrics that they use or their delivery packaging.


For example, to avoid plastics, for packaging their clothes, they use biodegradable plastics which will degrade completely within 3-5 years and without leaving harmful traces to the environment. Moreover, their order paper bag, the swing tags and even the string of the swing tags, are made from recycled paper and they are recyclable!

Sooooo good!

Cool Off Lounge Pants & MVP Sports tee - Image from First Base
Winning Streak Tee - Image from First Base
The Australian youtuber Bonny Rebecca wearing First Base in her home workout, in her new video Get Healthy With Me. Core 3/4 Legging

The brand uses sustainable fabrics as organic cotton, certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), that uses less water and it doesn’t use harmful chemicals or toxins associated with regular cotton. They also use GOTS dyes and inks in all their coloured basics.


For the most activewear bras and leggings, they use 78% of recycled nylon, obtained from old fishing nets, wetsuits and industrial plastics which are rescued from ocean beds and then recycled. A good way to give a new life to waste!

Athletics SportsBra & Unstoppable 7/8 Legging-Image from First Base

First Base, with its objective to be a more sustainable brand and has a positive impact to the environment, has achieved to save 697.848 days of drinking water, recycled 1.292 kg of plastic waste and planted 1.018 trees… and it’s rising! You can plant a tree with your purchase, to reduce the carbon emissions and help to green the planet, with their program Plant-A-Tree. Cool, right?

Discover their ethical & sustainable sporty collection in their website and Instagram and dress up your workouts in a more sustainable way! 



Images: First Base
Instagram post image: Bonny Rebecca
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