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Hydest – the superhero in every girl.

Represents an attitude, a force, a way of thinking following your own values, respecting yourself, people, the environment and working to change the things in what you believe

for a better world.



Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle

Eco-friendly events

Magazine/blog of sustainable fashion and lifestyle for young women, environmentally friendly and where good values are shared. We also organize sustainable events where to have fun and share a

Hydest eco experience! 


Following Hydest’s values, Hydest magazine’s mission is to inspire, help and go along with young women towards a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle, in a close, easy, inspiring and beautiful way. And by this, contribute with our small grain of sand, to the fight against climate change, and to the transition to a more sustainable lifestyle.



Carla Amat – hydestmagazine Editor & founder
El Bruc, Barcelona (Spain)


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